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Avian Influenza Collaborative Project

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This multinational research is aimed at modeling the transmission dynamics of Avian Influenza (AI) spill-over from birds to humans using field data from different regions (Asia, Africa, Latin America). The expected project output is an ecological model for AI spill-over which will help us predict these events as well as inform and focus our global Avian and Pandemic Influenza prevention and response activities. This project, supported through Global Influenza funding from HHS, is one of the few multi-national ecological studies to develop an understanding of the critical elements of spillover and transmission of influenza which integrates diverse fields of expertise (ecologists, geospatial technology experts, modelers, virologists, and epidemiologists) and which is intended to produce a predictive model. It also supports capacity building for collaborating scientists on these three continents. By providing supplements to Fogarty grantees, this activity leverages FIC's multi-disciplinary network of current grantees, and it promotes sample and data sharing.

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