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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Federal Collaboratory and Inventory of Federal Clinical Decision Support Activities

Description of Collaborative Activity:

A federal community of interest focused on clinical decision support, and a compilation of project summaries describing CDS activities that are either funded by the US Federal government, or that are being executed by agencies of the government. The term Clinical Decision Support (CDS) describes a variety of tools and technologies that are used within electronic clinical information systems to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. CDS provides clinicians, staff, patients, and other key decision makers with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered at appropriate times, to enhance health and health care. CDS encompasses computerized alerts and reminders, clinical guidelines, order sets, order entry feedback, patient data reports and dashboards, documentation templates, diagnostic support, and the presentation of contextually relevant reference information within clinical information systems. NLM has submitted to the Collaboratory and Inventory summaries of NLM projects involving Clinical Decision Support.

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Advisory Group

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