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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Federal HIV Implementation Science Workgroup

Description of Collaborative Activity:

In spring 2018, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention), the Health Resources and Services Administration (HIV/AIDS Bureau), and the National Institutes of Health agreed to form a workgroup to focus on implementation science. The overall goal of the workgroup is to increase collaborative efforts and decrease duplication of efforts related to implementing and studying the implementation of a broad range of interventions related to the prevention and treatment of HIV. To achieve this goal, the workgroup agrees to pursue a number of broad actions, including: 1) clearly define implementation science for the purpose of the workgroup, 2) understand current implementation science activities and interests within each agency and in the HIV prevention field, 3) identify and define current implementation science successes and challenges within each agency, 4) identify shared priorities and individual priorities for each agency and how future activities could address identified challenges, 5) within the workgroup, share lessons learned and successful strategies for program implementation and how using implementation science might advance implementation efforts, 6) advance the broader dissemination and adoption of key result and evidence-based, evidence-informed, or novel implementation strategies to programmatic and research partners, 7) align technical assistance efforts to support programs to integrate evidence-based, evidence-informed, and novel implementation strategies, and 8) support the advancement of implementation science as a field

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Committee, Advisory Group, or Work Group

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