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Title of Collaborative Activity:

International Cancer Control Partnership

Description of Collaborative Activity:

The National Cancer Institute and the Union for International Cancer Control convened global partners including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to cooperate in assisting countries to develop and implement quality cancer plans linked to Non-communicable Disease (NCD) control. This International Cancer Control Partnership, ICCP, believes that prioritizing cancer is critical to reaching the “25x25” goal. ICCP partners will assist countries by: (1) Creating a searchable database of current cancer control plans from around the globe; (2) Performing analysis of gaps and highlighting priority areas for inclusion in plans; (3) Training appropriate personnel to develop plans with targets and evaluation strategies; (4) Providing planners with relevant existing materials and tools; and (5) Offering technical assistance. ICCP partners will use their collective state, country, and regional-level planning experience to guide plan development and implementation and will ensure planners utilize effective, evidence-based strategies to help meet the global NCD targets.

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