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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Northwest Portland Tribal Registry Project

Description of Collaborative Activity:

Over the past 10 years, health care delivery for Northwest American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) has evolved from a centralized system maintained by the Indian Health Service (IHS) to a diverse and complex environment. The Northwest Tribal Registry Project was developed in January 1999 by the Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center, a tribally operated program located at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) in Portland, Oregon. The Project works with state health organizations to correct racial misclassification for AI/AN in disease registries, obtain accurate estimates of the cancer burden, and to generate health status information for tribes and health programs. NCI contributes funding to the IHS for this project through the Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) program.

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Resource Development

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