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Quantum Barcoding for analysis of Ebola infection

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Viral MIBI and Quantum barcoding: These projects are part of an Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contract with Dr. Gary Nolan's group at Stanford. The first project will develop and validate an assay for nucleic acid-based method for viral detection on the MIBI, compatible with Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded tissue, and then apply to Ebola samples.The second will use quantum barcoding to develop anti-human and anti-macaque antibody reagants, to hep develop a system that will replace multiplexing technologies such as high parameter FACS and CyTOF with a platform based on sequence tags (rather than fluorophores or mass tags) that uses decontaminated and ambient temperature-stable samples. This will be applied to BSL-3/4 samples.

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