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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Project ECHO for Cancer Research and Control

Description of Collaborative Activity:

Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) is a collaborative medical education model that aims to build workforce and knowledge capacity, through use of online videoconferencing to allow for knowledge exchange across interdisciplinary teams on relevant medical, healthcare, and health systems related topics. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Global Health (CGH) Project Echo Cancer Control Planning Program will link participants active in cancer control planning in low- and middle-income country settings with researchers, regional colleagues, and relevant technical experts, through monthly ECHO sessions that will provide virtual didactic instruction, case study learning, and knowledge exchange on relevant evidence-based cancer control planning principles. These sessions will relay evidence-based, general cancer control principals and related to cervical cancer screening. The CGH Project ECHO program’s primary goals are to increase participant knowledge of the aforementioned topics, improve the application of knowledge, including evidence-based practices and policies, and to increase collaboration among participants and experts who are active in cancer control planning in the participating countries.

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