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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Federal Supply and Demand of Isotopes

Description of Collaborative Activity:

A workshop on Isotope Federal Supply and Demand is held annually. The workgroup that organizes this workshop consists of representatives of federal agencies with the aim of providing a forum for interaction between agencies, departments, and medical societies to communicate about potential shortages of isotopes that are of strategic importance to the nation including the availability of medical isotopes. Also, a report of isotope supply and demand and whether needs are commercially available is compiled by National Institutes of Health (NIH) and submitted to DOE annually. The report includes demand for NIH intramural research programs and NIH extramural projects (grantees). Not included in this report are NIH intramural research needs that are supplied by its cyclotron or isotope needs met by commercial suppliers. NIH collects data from ICs and submits annual report as required. On January 12, 2021, DOE, NIH, and the members of the Isotope Needs Program held the 7th Workshop on Isotope Federal Supply and Demand. The meeting reviewed the Program’s ongoing activities and reported that the newly evolving use of electron- and alpha-emitting isotopes is seeing increased need (based on FDA’s approval for medical applications); the DOE is developing a plan to meet the current and foreseen increased use of these isotopes for cancer therapy.

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Committee, Advisory Group, or Work Group

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