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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Multinational Influenza Seasonal Mortality Study (MISMS) Research

Description of Collaborative Activity:

The Multinational Influenza Seasonal Mortality Study (MISMS) was originally initiated to analyze national and global mortality patterns associated with influenza virus circulation. The focus of MISMS has since expanded to evaluate the interaction between the epidemiology, ecology, and evolutionary dynamics of influenza and other rapidly transmissible respiratory viruses, on natural selection, reassortment, migration, and antigenic change. Multinational and bilateral collaborations developed through MISMS collect, analyze, and disseminate research findings through scientific publications, training workshops, and communication tools for investigators and decision-makers. These research findings inform numerous national governments, multilateral organizations, and research stakeholders on interventions for both pandemic and seasonal influenza. To date, data have been acquired from more than 40 countries (representing ~3.2 billion people), resulting in over 220 publications.

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Research Initiative

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